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How Ryan Newman's Crash Influences Daily Truck Driver Safety Meetings

“500” Reasons To Use These March 2020 Driver Safety Meeting Topics

A few weeks ago, many of us watched in horror as Ryan Newman’s car suffered a potentially lethal crash during the last lap of the Daytona 500. Miraculously Newman not only survived but walked out of the hospital two days later.

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Tips to Help Prepare Drivers for Winter Driving

Make sure your vehicle is ready for driving in winter weather.

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Quick Read: Freight Delivery Equipment & When to Use Each Type

What type of equipment is best for your shipment? Look over the specifications below to make the most informed decision for your shipping needs.

In the logistics and transportation industry, especially if an individual is starting a new career, people are often overwhelmed by the number of different types and sizes of freight trucks available. One of the first questions they ask is, "Which type of truck is the best transportation option for my shipment?" Given a variety of different factors that will affect the pricing and the type of truck, this blog post will walk you through the different types of equipment options to best solve your logistical needs.  

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Ten (10) Quick Tips to Avoid Accidents with Deer

The weather is changing, and so are the patterns of the deer. Hopefully, these tips below can help you reduce the risks of a deer strike or even more. 

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Four (4) Reasons Companies Are Moving to Dedicated Transportation

Get the Capacity When and Where You Need It

You have a line of products that is really growing and you need to ship every week to job sites for delivery, but you don’t have a enough drivers or enough tractors or trailers that can keep up with your growing business. What do you do? Dedicated transportation is ideal for this situation and others where freight is moved on a consistent route and needs either a committed pool of specialized equipment or has distinct freight handling requirements. It gives you access to the capacity you need, when you need it, and offers stable pricing and predictable delivery times. Learn more about how a dedicated fleet can help optimize your supply chain.

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Why Taking Care of CSA Scores is Important


Being subject to DOT inspections can cost a business a lot of money in lost time and fines. It is important to check scores, as they are an indicator of the type of companies the FMCSA will target, as they believe them to be unsafe. They are also a guide to where a carrier needs to make improvements in their safety and compliance.

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Quick Read: CSA Scores and What They Mean

CSA stands for Compliance, Safety, Accountability, and is an FMCSA initiative that was introduced to improve the overall safety of commercial motor vehicles.

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Verst Logistics to Celebrate National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

Truck drivers keep America moving. Without the men and women drivers here at Verst Logistics, we would not be able to expand and grow our business.

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5 Tips to Help Shippers Avoid Today's Capacity Crunch

As the number of orders continues to rise, the number of truck drivers and trucks on the highway continues to decrease. Get prepared shippers, “you’re in an environment where the capacity shortage and the driving shortage, the driver shortage is not likely to be cured anytime soon,”  chairman & CEO Robert Sanchez of Ryder System, Inc said. 

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Best Practices for Raising and Lowering Landing Gear

Take Care of Shoulders & Back

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Distracted Driving: A Recipe for Disaster


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4 Truck Backing Safety Tips (G.O.A.L.)

Backing up a truck is one of the most dangerous - and potentially expensive - maneuvers that truckers can do and can be overcome by the use of extra care and caution.

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