Four (4) Reasons Companies Are Moving to Dedicated Transportation

September 28, 2018

Get the Capacity When and Where You Need It

You have a line of products that is really growing and you need to ship every week to job sites for delivery, but you don’t have a enough drivers or enough tractors or trailers that can keep up with your growing business. What do you do? Dedicated transportation is ideal for this situation and others where freight is moved on a consistent route and needs either a committed pool of specialized equipment or has distinct freight handling requirements. It gives you access to the capacity you need, when you need it, and offers stable pricing and predictable delivery times. Learn more about how a dedicated fleet can help optimize your supply chain.

Benefits of using a dedicated fleet

Dedicated transportation is used to supplement your own equipment pool, or completely take over the responsibilities of your fleet operation. Dedicated can also provide fast access to a "private" fully dedicated fleet for business that had been moving via contract carriers. Dedicated transportation provides access to a fleet without hiring drivers or maintaining equipment. Other benefits include:

  1. Assured capacity

Whether transporting dry goods or temperature-controlled shipments, dedicated transportation gives access to the right equipment, on the day and time it’s needed. For example, maybe a customer only accepts deliveries and pickups on Mondays and Wednesdays from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. With dedicated transportation, a truck will be available at that time, ready to accept or unload shipments.

  1. Shipment predictability

Like clock-work, a dedicated fleet allows a shipper that regularly moves freight on the same routes, to establish a highly dependable, precise and steady flow of inbound and/or outbound shipments, with deliveries that can be scheduled in very tight windows. Whether moving freight on local, regional or long-haul routes, shippers say customers are much more satisfied with a dedicated fleet delivery.  End of month peak volumes are much easier with assured capacity - because it is your fleet, used only for your products. If customer service and timely delivery are critical, dedicated transportation is an excellent option.

  1. Special care & handling

For products that need special handling, or deliveries that are more complex, dedicated is frequently the solution. Job sites, deliveries that include installations, appointment loads, and sensitive or high value product all are handled better with dedicated transportation. Additionally, when a shipper’s needs change, modifying route scheduling is easier with a dedicated fleet. Dedicated is also a solution for those who need drop-and-hook or yard shuttle services, or for companies who already have their own fleet but need certain equipment to accommodate specialized freight.

  1. More consistent pricing

Shippers who choose dedicated trucking also see more consistent pricing. Many transportation and logistics providers offer lower rates for dedicated shipping due to the predictability of the shipments, the routes the freight will travel, and the backhaul assistance programs in place to reduce empty miles.

Want to know more?

Curious to see if dedicated transportation is the right solution for your business? Contact our dedicated transportation experts who will provide key insights for your transportation crisis! Whether the recommendation is dedicated transportation or not, we want to help solve your most challenging logistical needs!

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