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4 Distinctive Behaviors to Achieve Safe Operations

Safe Operations requires that all key elements of the operations (safety, productivity, cost management, environmental, human relations, etc) be done and done well. Safety, quality and production cannot be thought of as separate parts in doing work but rather as an integral part of doing work.

The way associates approach and do work does make a significant difference in achieving Safe Operations.  The following are key distinctive behaviors:

  • Plan work with risk assessment
  • Accept accountability
  • Care for each other
  • Walk the Talk

Systems and processes should enable and facilitate these behaviors and not be an end to themselves.


The following four (4) concepts are important for Safe Operations:

1. Concept of Safe Operations

“Integrating safety, cost, productivity, quality, environment, relationships, etc. into everything we do ……how we approach and do work…….accomplishing zero harm, production, cost, productivity and relationship objectives”

2. Concept of “Zero Harm”

“Managing risk so no injuries to associates or property damage, environmental impact or community harm occur while doing work – achieving risk as low as reasonably possible”

3. Concept of “Zero Tolerance”

“Not accepting abnormal or unacceptable operations as the norm – with understanding that undesirable operations occur because of a number of factors, such as human, economic, weather, equipment, etc. – and addressing the undesirable operation with a sense of urgency through behavior or system change”

4. Concept of Felt Leadership

“Leadership that delivers vision, goals, accountability and motivation with passion, will, energy, and caring in such a way individuals positively respond to the direction while achieving peak performance”

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