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Hebron Fulfillment Warehouse
May 15, 2023

Fulfillment Operations in the Greater Cincinnati, Ohio and Northern Kentucky area

Top 5 reasons why the Greater Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky area make sense for Fulfillment Warehouse Operations. Greater Cincinnati, which includes many suburbs and outlying areas just across the...


Automation & Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs)
April 28, 2023

Dedicated Warehousing: What will the Warehouse of the Future be like?

  Supply Chain professionals at Verst Logistics are predicting what warehouses of the future will have.  We’re looking into our logistics crystal ball and predicting features, processes and...


November18 Safety Quiz
November 29, 2018

November 2018 Monthly Warehouse Safety Quiz

The need for warehouse safety topics are more prevalent today than ever before. Below is a safety topic quiz that you may use along with our November monthly safety calendar. Are you looking for more...


Warehouse Safety Dos and Donts-1
October 1, 2018

Warehouse Safety: Do's and Dont's

Having an efficient warehouse means nothing if there is no safety protocol to go along with it. These measures are designed to protect both the employees working in the distribution center and the...


September 21, 2018

7 Tip Success Story: Warehouse Management Systems

Are you actively shopping for or seeking information on a warehouse management system? The right solution can help improve order fulfillment, boost inventory visibility, and automate data collection....


September 20, 2018

To be insourced or to be outsourced - that is the question

Verst Logistics has been servicing logistics customers since 1966, with a number of partnerships lasting 20+ years. With that in mind, and given our collaborative history with several major brands,...


September 18, 2018

Best Practices For 3PL Warehousing Insurance Policies

Outsourcing has become a more common method for many businesses to store products and transport materials from suppliers and manufacturers to their end destination, and third-party logistics (3PL)...


August 29, 2018

Seven (7) Ways to Boost Warehouse Productivity

Warehouse efficiency. Each warehousing operation on earth might want to be more profitable and productive, however very few really contribute the time to stop, retool and get it going. Luckily, there...


August 13, 2018

August Safety Quiz

 Questions 1. What is wrong with this put-away? 2. In your direct area or piece of equipment, name a pinch point hazard and ways to reduce the risk? 3. Name 2 behaviors that must be used at...


July 31, 2018

3 Ways to Avoid Hand Injuries and Reduce Risks

1. Always Place Glass/Hazardous Debris in Specified Containers Everyone is responsible for making sure that all dangerous materials are in the correct location.  Ensuring that these materials are...

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