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7 Inspections to Ensure a Safe Work Environment

Formal and informal safety inspections are a valuable tool to measure continuous improvement in the Safe Operations Program.

Informal inspections should be performed by all associates as a means of ensuring the work area is safe.  Associates use the SLAM (Stop-Look-Access-Manage) process to ensure materials are stored properly, equipment is in good repair, good housekeeping is maintained, appropriate safety equipment is in selected for the task and in good repair, and the appropriate safety procedure is understood before the task is started.

Formal inspections include the following:

  • Safe Operations Inspections – performed periodically
  • Industrial Powered Vehicle Visual Inspection – performed daily when in use.
  • Industrial Powered Vehicle Maintenance - performed based on hours of service
  • Portable Fire Extinguisher Inspection – performed monthly
  • Emergency Eye Wash Station – performed monthly
  • Emergency Lighting – performed monthly
  • Emergency Exit Door – performed monthly

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