Four Ways to Prevent Damaged Shipments During Peak Season

December 14, 2019

Breaking up may be hard to do. However breaking products during shipping definitely isn’t.

According to recent research approximately 20% of customers have received a delivery of damaged goods.

Four Ways to Prevent Damaged Shipments During Peak Season

However that doesn’t mean your company’s peak season shipments have to add to this less-than-positive statistic, because with the right fulfillment partner in your corner, there are numerous ways your business can do a better job of protecting its products and its reputation. These include:

  • Revisiting box sizes and dunnage to find the perfect mix of product ____ and shipping economy
  • Using higher-quality sealing materials to ensure the contents of your packages don’t absorb unwanted odors during transit (after all, even if your products are unscented, that doesn’t mean every other shipper’s products are)
  • Conducting shipping trials to see how well your products and packages survive the transit once they’re handed off to carriers
  • Including desiccants in shipments that have to pass through a wide variety of different climatic conditions to keep the contents of your parcels considerably drier.

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