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3 Ways to Avoid Hand Injuries and Reduce Risks

1. Always Place Glass/Hazardous Debris in Specified Containers

Hazardous Debris Container

Everyone is responsible for making sure that all dangerous materials are in the correct location.  Ensuring that these materials are disposed of correctly will limit the probability for an injury.

2. Use PPE but Do Not Rely on it

Glove to Prevent Hand Injuries

PPE Reduce Hand Injury

Using gloves for glass protection can help reduce your risk when taking out the trash, but do not rely on the gloves for complete protection.  Glass/Nails or other dangerous materials can still puncture.  Use appropriate tools when pushing trash into a full dumpster.  Never use your hands. 

3. Always Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Possible Hand Injury

Prevent Hand Injuries

Dangerous situations can be anywhere. Always know your surroundings and use SLAM (Stop, Look, Analyze, Manage) before moving forward.  Hazardous materials can be in garbage cans, dumpsters or on the ground in front of you.  Approaching situations with caution and focus can greatly reduce your risk of injury.


USE PPE WHEN REQUIRED BUT DO NOT RELY ON IT.  Ask at least the 3 questions of SLAM…

  1. How can I be injured
  2. How can others be injured
  3. How can equipment be damaged


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