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February 2019 Safety Quiz 1 & 2

Hey all,

Remember this is compliance month, please stick to topic, demonstrations, documentation. These quizzes are to use when called for on the calendar, please document and record responses from you employees. 

Interactions: Tell me about the pre-shift meeting today and how it will affect your day. 

Quiz 1

  1. True or False: SDS sheets can be used to help guide you as to what PPE should be worn.
  2. True or False: Reporting Incidents after you put your equipment away is okay as long as you’re not bleeding?
  3. A class “A” Alpha Fire is a liquid fire?
  4. True or False: 3 words to describe what you should follow during an Active shooter event are “Run-Hide-Fight” T/F


Quiz 1 Answers

  1. F
  2. T
  3. Alpha Fire is a wood or ash burning fire Bravo fire is a liquid fire such as gas or diesel
  4. T


Quiz 2

  1. The 2-Bay rule is- you must be at least 4 pallets or 16’ away from a working lift into a slot? T/F
  1. When a pedestrian is walking and powered equipment is moving who has the right of way at an intersection?
  1. Two good reasons you must report all incidents immediately are to stop re-occurrences and help affected employees.
  1. What is the main reason for LOTO?
  1. What direction must you face when traveling on powered equipment?


Quiz 2 Answers

  1. T
  2. The Pedestrian always has the right of way, no exceptions
  3. T
  4. Controlling your energy
  5. Direction of Travel - Product must be secured prior


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