Safety Alert: Safety Equipment Falling Off Dockplate

April 29, 2019

Equipment Not Permitted on a Dock Plate Unless the Dock Plate is Placed in a Trailer

As you can see, when safety equipment, such as forklifts, are parked on a dock plate when the dock plate isn’t inside a trailer, it is not secure and it could drop causing equipment damage and the possibility of a serious injury. 


Safety Equipment on Dock PlateSafety Equipment Dock Plate Fall-1

Employees should be trained on the proper and safe use of dock boards. Poorly placed dock boards may cause the forklift and or loads to overturn. Dock boards typically require the use of a forklift to move them, but are generally portable

Safety Equipment Falling Off Dock Plate.Damaged Dock Door

DO NOT park equipment on dock plates, even if they’re set in a trailer!




STOP              AS                        
LOOK              LOW                    
ASSESS         AS                       


  • How can I be injured?                       
  • Good work practices                      
  • How can others be injured?            
  • Rules, Regulations & Procedures 
  • How can equipment be damaged?
  • Personal & Others' Experiences   



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