Safety Alert - Creating a Pinch Point

March 4, 2019

To follow along with our most recent safety calendar for March, interactions this week should focus on attention to running lines by your workers.

If an employee operates powered equipment, then they should be focused on staying within the running lines.

If employees work around equipment such as conveyor systems, it’they should be focused on staying out of the running lines. 

Below is a pinch point safety alert that was modified to use within your management teams to see if we’re creating our own pinch points.

Pinch Points in the Dock Area

The controls for the dock system are behind the stacks creating a pinch point.

Potential Dock Pinch Point

The picture below shows a dock plate that could down on an employee’s foot. This type of injury can be prevented due to your employees wearing the proper personal protective equipment (PPE).

Dock Pinch Point

This pinch point was created due to storing pallets/boards around the dock. This area should be kept clear to control dock plates.   

Safe Pinch Point Area

Please check out all of our latest safety tips, alerts, calendars and more on our safety blog. Our goal is to reduce risks not only in our workplace, but help you reduce risks at yours as well. Safety is not only a priority in the workplace, but also a practice that our employees use outside of work in their daily lives.

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