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November 2019 Warehouse Safety Quiz #1

Workplace safety starts with employees being responsible, proactive and having keen awareness of the potential risks/dangers in the work environment. Employees' knowledge of hazards and risks minimizes their risk of harm and ill-health and increases their productivity. Use our November safety quiz to give your employees a to further reinforce the safety requirements. Use this quick quiz in conjunction with along with our safety calendar to test your employees' knowledge of the potential risks/dangers.

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Question 1:

True or False: If you are near or driving a load that begins to fall or move you should never attempt to catch it.

Question 2:

True or False: The primary use for a fire extinguisher to help get you out of a building potentially on fire?

Question 3:

True or False: If you are picking or moving a case, box, etc. and it begins to fall you should do anything it takes to stop it from falling.

Question 4:

What are two things you can do to reduce your risk of muscle tears?



  1. True - Always secure your load prior. Never put yourself at risk.
  2. True
  3. False. Although we don’t want product to fall or be damaged, muscle tears can happen from odd movements. Ensure you grab cases and boxes with two hands properly.
  4. Stay hydrated, long-slow stretches prior to work and after


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