Four (4) Question October Safety Quiz

October 9, 2018

A serious workplace injury or death changes lives forever – for families, friends, communities, and coworkers too. Human loss and suffering is immeasurable.  Occupational injuries and illnesses can provoke major crises for the families in which they occur.

If a worker is injured on the job, it costs the company in lost work hours, increased insurance rates, workers' compensation premiums and possible litigation. Productivity is lost when other workers have to stop work to deal with the injury. Even after the injured employee has been sent home or taken to the hospital, other employees may be distracted or need to take time off from work in the aftermath of the incident. Even a single injury can have far-reaching and debilitating effects on your business.

 Any business knows that employee attrition and absenteeism can be major obstacles. When you create a healthy and safe workplace, you reduce those issues in several ways. By budgeting for safety improvements and making safety part of your operational plan, you engender trust. By involving employees in safety decisions — through reporting, committees, walk-throughs and meetings — you show that their opinion matters to you. By following through on their input and improving safety, you prove quite tangibly that you care about their well-being. Workers typically respond by working harder, showing more pride in their jobs and remaining loyal. 

Time and again, companies that put safety first turn out higher quality products. In some cases, that’s because a safe workplace tends to be a more efficient one, free of debris and tangles of cords. In other cases, it’s a matter of focus. By working in a clean, efficient environment, workers are able to reduce distractions and truly focus on the quality of what they do. The results? Better products that create customer loyalty, bigger margins and increased sales. In these ways and others, workplace safety is about much more than legislation. It’s about creating the kind of productive, efficient, happy and inspiring workplace we all want to be part of. And that’s why it’s important.

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October Safety Quiz

  1. You must always wear reflective wear when working in the yard?
    1. True
    2. False
  1. What should you do with your equipment when needing to evacuate?
    1. Drive it to the nearest exit
    2. Drive it until you’re close enough to see the exit, then get off and exit
    3. Stop, power off, and walk to the nearest exit
    4. None of the above
  1. When an incident is bound to happen, you should stay within the running lines at all times.
    1. True
    2. False
  1. If you receive a call while walking on a crosswalk, it’s okay to answer just to tell them hold on?
    1. True
    2. False


Answer Key:

  1. True
  2. C.
  3. True
  4. False



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