Six Advantages of Partnering with a Smaller Fulfillment Company

October 18, 2018

There are numerous reasons to select a particular fulfillment center, but when it comes to, customer service, flexibility, risk management, and communication, smaller centers have the advantage. Small fulfillment companies provide their customers with the personalized customer service and top-notch service. They know their customers and value even the smaller clients. Their customized approach assures that your operational requirements are covered. Here are some of the most important advantages of hiring and partnering with a small fulfillment center: 

Cost of Services

Small fulfillment centers come with many benefits, with one being increased savings. Value-added services, such as picking, packing, and shipping, are often less expensive with smaller fulfillment companies than larger ones. Among the better deals that smaller fulfillment centers bring to the table for their clients include but are not limited to, lower set-up fees, shorter-term contract commitments, and zero hidden fees or confusing pricing structures.


Smaller fulfillment companies are very versatile and are better at trying and implementing new concepts, setting higher goals, and developing new skills. With the increased flexibility that smaller companies offer, they can identify new options for your business that may have otherwise gone undiscovered.


A smaller company's employees frequently communicate directly with the customer without any barriers, unlike a larger company. This, in turn, allows them to fully understand the concerns of their customers, which leads to increased customer satisfaction. Making quick decisions, resolving challenges, and taking hold of new opportunities all happens more rapidly in a small center.  Customer service is friendly and flexible, with many relationships on a first name basis. Any time there are pop promotions or last-minute inventory influxes, a small center can communicate directly with you to best understand, implement and manage changes that take place on the fly.

Customer Service

Customer service is vital to providing excellent fulfillment services. Smaller fulfillment companies ensure excellence in customer service by knowing every customers' business in-depth.  These operations realize that a dirty carton or a torn box is not merely an inconvenience, it is the difference between a happy customer and one that is disenchanted. Need to talk with someone after hours or on the weekend?  Not a problem.  The small center lives the business and takes special pride in meeting your needs.  


Order picking, packing and shipping procedures can be customized at many fulfillment facilities, but in smaller operations, there is a greater willingness to do it the way the customer wants it done.

Chances of Mistakes

By selecting a smaller fulfillment company, you will avoid lost or damaged products and deliveries of the wrong item. Smaller fulfillment companies are much more aware and careful with your items because of the lower volume of clients, products, and orders.

Get Quality Small Fulfillment Services with Verst Logistics Fulfillment

If you’re looking for a solid small fulfillment center in the Midwest, Verst Logistics Fulfillment has you covered. We specialize in outsourced retail product distribution, fulfillment and logistic services based out of Hebron, KY. Our experience has been dedicated towards giving the tools and personalized services that any new or established company needs to streamline distribution and boost market share. Our fulfillment center is 2.5 miles from the Cincinnati International Airport that allows us to move freight quickly. We can reach 85% of the USA population within two business days using ground transportation. Feel free to contact us at (859)485-1212 x1230 for further information.



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